DWG/DXF Compare for AutoCAD (V 1.6)

Versions Supported: AutoCAD 2013, 2014, 2015,2016 and 2017

Updated Date: 22-Feb-2017

DWG/DXF Compare plugin compares two drawing files and the comparison result is shown in a new AutoCAD window.

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DWG/DXF-Compare Do you face problem while comparing two revisions of your AutoCAD drawing visually? You can easily do it with our DWG/DXF Compare plugin for AutoCAD ®. DWG/DXF Compare plugin compares two drawing files and the comparison result is shown in a new AutoCAD window. The comparison result is also stored in a new file for later use. The resulted file contains all the entities in the source file in GREY color. All the entities that were modified in size or position are shown in GREEN color by default. All the entities that were deleted are shown in the RED color by default. Plugin setting also provides flexibility to change the colors as per the organization preferences.

Versions Supported : AutoCAD Version 2013, 2014, 2015,2016 and 2017.

License Terms and Conditions:-

  • The license is tied to one piece of hardware (machine). Once activated this license cannot be transferred to another machine.
  • Your product activation key will be sent via email as soon as you complete the payment process.
  • The activation will require internet connection. The internet connection is required only once for activation.
  • If the machine is formatted for any reason, the license will have to be reactivated.
  • The license is perpetual only for the downloaded version on the hardware which it is activated. While the current policy is to allow the updates for free, this may change in the future.
  • While we will try to provide technical support, there are no committed warranties and support. We recommend that you evaluate our product to your satisfaction based on the free trials provided before making the purchase.

This plugin available on Autodesk store too

Version History

Version Release Date What’s new 22/02/2017 1. Enhancement - GUI improved. 22/07/2016 1. Feature - Distinguish the entities added in second file.
2. Enhancement - Optimized algorithm to improve comparison speed.
3. Added support of AutoCAD version 2017.
Please note: Existing customers who have already activated the product will have to contact our support to request for a key for reactivation after installing this update.
2. Supports AutoCAD version 2017. 07/17/2015 1. Fixed issue with license activation. 04/15/2015 1. Supports AutoCAD version 2016. 05/30/2014 1. Compatible with Inventor 2015.
2.Trial period has changed 5 to 10 times. 04/11/2014 1.Fixed bugs related to 32 bit version of AutoCAD

We are providing 10 trials of the plugin in which you can use full set of features without any limitations. You will need to activate this plugin after 10 trials.
For activation please contact at support@ProtoTechSolutions.com.


How to use the DWG/DXF Compare :

  • Install DWG/DXF Compare plugin for AutoCAD ®
  • Launch AutoCAD.
  • Find “DWG/DXF Compare” group in the Plug-ins tab on the ribbon bar. This is how it looks.
  • Click the “Compare” button from the Tool. It will show you a Comparison palette. Here’s how it looks.
  • There are two ways to compare drawing files.

A) Browse and compare :

  • Click “Browse File 1” to select the Original file for comparison.
  • Click “Browse File 2” to select the revised version of the file.
  • Click “Comparison Folder” to select the path where you want the result of the comparison to be stored.
  • Click “Compare” button to start the comparison. Both the original file and the comparison version of the file will be opened.
  • A new file named “Comparison Result_Filename1_Filename2_Timestamp.dwg” will be created in comparison folder that you specified.

Compare existing files :

  • You can also compare already opened files.
  • Choose “Select Existing files” and you will see list of open documents.
  • Select any two documents and hit compare button.

Rest is same as that of above case.

Click the “Preferences” button from tab in the ribbon bar and it will show you a color preferences palette which looks like following image.

  • Click colored button in front of “Modified Entities” for choosing the color for modified entities.
  • Click colored button in front of “Deleted Entities” for choosing the color for deleted entities.
  • Click “Apply and Exit” and the color preferences will be saved. Also the palette will be closed. Merely choosing the colors will not save your preferences.
  • Click “Set Default Colors” to prefer default colors – Green color for modified entities and Red color for deleted entities.

Following image shows the result of comparison.

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