CAD Data Interoperability

Data exchange (or Interoperability) is a black hole problem. The reason for using this analogy is, if you try to solve this problem yourself, all your focus, attention and energy will be sucked by it. And like most of the traps, this one also appears very simple and tempting to solve all by yourselves.

Our familiarity with engineering data formats (B-Rep and Viz-Rep both viz. STEP, IGES, JT, SAT, X_T, PDF, OBJ, STL etc.) and the toolkits that are used (HOOPS/Exchange, Datakit, InterOp, Teigha, etc.) helps you make a wise decision so that you can remain focussed on your product. Thus, you can avoid wasting time and money on data import/export capabilities which is essential but not typically the main function of your software.

ProtoTech have decades of staff years of experience in solving interoperability problems for engineering applications. We have worked with HOOPS/Exchange, Datakit, InterOp, Teigha, etc, toolkits available in the market.

Some of the projects we have done using these toolkits for our various clients are as follows -

Import DWG and design data in an application using Autodesk RealDWG
A reputed Piping design software company based in Central US was needing support to import DWG models - geometry data plus piping design intelligence data. We helped implement this highly custom DWG importer for the client using RealDWG.

  • We worked on all the graphical operations in this application for e.g. designing new modeling symbols, performing user graphical interactions etc.
  • Importing DWG files, using the Real DWG interoperability toolkit.

Import complex shapes and design data to Autodesk Inventor bridge plugin
A reputed pressure vessel design software company wanted to showcase their product on Inventor. They wanted to allow their user to bring in the data into Inventor along with design data and extremely complex shapes and geometries involving Cylinder, Cones, Nozzles, Body flanges and 15 other components. We successfully delivered this plugin for them in a very short amount of time. The imported geometries in some cases were better than the geometries displayed in their standalone desktop application.

Developed Data Exchange and Repair application using InterOp
One of our customers based in the US specializes in Data Exchange, Repair and Compare software. We are the main development team for them since almost a decade now. We have supported many other formats which are supported by InterOp as well as independent of InterOp using other third party libraries including HOOPS/Publish, Teigha, JT Toolkit, etc.

WebGL to DWG via. JSON conversion using Teigha toolkit
For one of our US client, we used the Teigha SDK in converting JSON 3D data to DWG. The main objective of the project was to convert WebGL files into DWG files. The JSON data was generated using THREE.js toolkit and this JSON was then converted to DWG using Teigha SDK.

Support DWG/DXF import/export in a 2D Drafting Software using Teigha SDK
For one of our clients based in New Zealand has a 2D drafting software which is locally popular as a low cost alternative. They had issues in keeping upto date with the changing DWG/DXF formats. They badly needed their DWG/DXF importer and exporter to work with latest versions of the format and with high fidelity. Unfortunately, the code was written by someone (who had long left the organization) and wasn’t working well with the revised formats. ProtoTech helped them integrate Teigha and get back the same technical advantage and restore the customer confidence.

If you are interested to know more about data interoperability, Please read the blog here “CAD DATA INTEROPERABILITY SOLUTIONS”