Sketchfab Publisher for SolidWorks®

"Sketchfab Publisher for SolidWorks®" supports exporting 3D model, packaging, and uploading to Sketchfab.


Are you using SolidWorks? You want to share models with others? You want to embed models in web pages? You can achieve this using Sketchfab and Sketchfab Publisher for SolidWorks®. Sketchfab is a web service for rendering, sharing and embedding 3D files in real-time without any plug-in on browser.  Using Sketchfab Publisher for SolidWorks® (developed by ProtoTech Solutions) makes it easier to publish your models directly from SolidWorks environment to Sketchfab without leaving SolidWorks environment. Sketchfab Publisher for SolidWorks® supports exporting 3D model, packaging, and uploading to Sketchfab.

Supported Features:

  • Supports both part and assembly models.
  • Supports color including face color also

Sketchfab Publisher for SolidWorks® is compatible with 32 and 64 bit of SolidWorks (Version 2010 to 2014, 2015, 2016).

Please NOTE -

  • 1.The license once bought is tied to the hardware.
  • 2. For license activation they will need the device to connect to the internet at least once at the of activation.


Sketchfab Publisher for SolidWorks®

  • Create your free account on Sketchfab (sketchfab).
  • Download and Install InventorToSketchfab Plugin for Inventor.
  • Run SolidWorks, find “Publish To Sketchfab” button under File menu

  • If “Publish To Sketchfab” button is not available under File menu, make sure Sketchfab Publisher for SolidWorks® is loaded successfully.

  • Once model is loaded, click on “Publish To Sketchfab” button under File menu. A dialog box will appear.

  • Enter the model properties in this dialog. API key and model name are the minimum model properties needed to enter in dialog. Remaining properties are optional.
  • Private API key can be found in Sketchfab dashboard.

  • Click on “Publish” button to publish model directly to Sketchfab. Once you click on publish, progress bar will indicate the progress made in uploading the model.

  • If the model is successfully published, it will be opened in a new browser window. Else, an error message will be displayed in a dialog box

To Download the plugin, please click here
For any other query, please contact us