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At ProtoTech Solutions we take our business relationships seriously and ensure that our client work, when required, remains confidential. In order to give potential clients an insight to the caliber of our services, we have compiled the following success stories.

Confidential Geology Client

When a company in Australia had a land surface design and optimization product conceptualized and needed to bring it to market quickly, they chose to rely on ProtoTech's expert team to develop it. This gave the company the opportunity to focus on marketing and business development while the product was being expertly developed. Ultimately a cutting edge product was released in a timely manner and with a solid business structure that ensured it became a success.

Confidential CAD Client

A large CAD company was required to build a quick prototype of a DWG importer based on ODA's DWGDirect and compare it against another one based on RealDWG (also built by ProtoTech). Within two weeks, ProtoTech's team of experienced developers quickly built the prototype and submitted a technical report. The company was able to use this information to quickly make the right business decision.

Confidential Quality Assurance Client

This US-based company decided to add 3D capabilities to its existing and popular inspection measurement software. They handed over the entire design and development responsibility to ProtoTech in order to free up their resources for other crucial endeavors. Today, our team is successfully managing this company’s entire software development program.

Tech Soft 3D

ProtoTech Solutions is Tech Soft 3D's development services provider of choice. Recently they had a challenging evaluation of their flagship HOOPS technology and called on ProtoTech. Our clear technical research report and an efficient prototype helped the prospect make the technology decision that was right for their company and created a win-win situation for all parties involved.