"At ProtoTech Solutions, we provide game testing services that provide quality assurance on all consoles, PCs, MMO and mobile platforms. Our testing team plays games specifically to look for problems, such as program glitches, broken applications or non-functioning visual effects. Our testing continues throughout the game’s development, alpha, beta, and release stages. Throughout our game testing process, our team works as a seamless extension of your team resulting in a scalable and cost-effective solution that delivers quality games on time."

Some Of the testing activities that are performed are :

Requirement and design review

QA team timely interacts with clients in order to gain a clear understanding of the business value (goals and objectives) and product vision. This helps in having a clear set of testable goals. This will help to get a time estimate and thus save efforts and cost of organization.

Preparing test plan

An entire plan is generated which will focus on approach that will be used for testing the game. Scheduling of the tasks helps in optimizing the efforts and helps in better, efficient testing of games.

Preparing test case scenarios and test cases writing

Our team also works on Test scenarios and test case writing by analyzing the different ways in which the functionality can be tested. This helps in getting a better coverage of testing the functionalities that are crucial in the game.

Test case optimization

Reducing QA cost is necessary to control the complete life cycle cost of product. It can be achieved by either increasing Productivity or by using Test Case Optimization. Here, our team focuses on both by reducing redundancy and by developing and executing optimized test cases.

Test Execution

It is during the Test case execution that actual quality of the product against desired specifications comes out. Our efficient team of testers execute the test cases by keeping an eye for detailing. The team is tolerant towards repetitive execution and tedious tasks.

Defect Reporting and Tracking

At the end of the execution cycle our team reports the issues that were recorded with their effective communication skills in a concise manner. This helps the developers to get a repro of the issue with no delay.