Rapidly advance your ideas with a solution partner you can trust.

ProtoTech Solutions is a software development and consulting company that specializes in rapid development of engineering software by providing fast, reliable and accurate solutions. PTS is a private firm composed of well-trained and experienced professionals who are fully committed to helping our customers accelerate their development programs and build advanced solutions.

Specifically focused in the areas of CAD/CAM/CAE and Graphics. PTS has expertise in Solid Modeler programming (ACIS, Granite, Parasolid ), 3D Graphics (DirectX, HOOPS, OpenGL) and User Interface (MFC, Qt). PTS is based in Pune, India and offers an affordable solution for software development companies to expand their R&D efforts and develop their ideas into advanced applications that have a positive impact on people’s lives and the environment.

Company Hightlights

  • Founded on 15th September, 2005.
  • Integrates, Enhances and Maintains 2D/3D Engineering applications from 9 years
  • Rajesh Bhartiya, Co-founder has 15+ years of experience in 3D graphics and Solid Modelling
  • Team size of 40+ developers providing end-to end consulting and support
  • An Independent, Debt-free, Values based Company

Our Mission

Enriching People's Lives by Simplifying Technology.

Our Vision

Our solutions make positive difference in people's lives. We are a part of people's lives to the extent that our solutions become dictionary words.

ProtoTech Solutions Corporate Profile

The Values of ProtoTech

We reach everybody and everybody can reach us easily. We always deliver values that surpass the expectations. We are a role model of an ideal self-managed company.

ProtoTech's Office

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