With our dynamic resource pool having Skilled Developers and QA Engineers, ProtoTech Solutions help agile companies accelerate their technology, expediting time to market and evolve their products to the next level.

ProtoTech Solutions has been the one of the Oldest Integration Partners of Tech Soft 3D, US (Provider of 3D Graphics Toolkit) and has been offering custom development services to its clients.

Development and Consulting Services

PTS has been developing custom applications in areas of CAD,CAM,CAE,PLM,PDM and have decades of man years of expertise in 3D visualization and Interoperability. We have experience in 3D Graphics technologies (HOOPS, OpenGL, WebGL, redway3D, etc.), Geometry kernel (ACIS, Parasolid, RealDWG, etc.) and user interface (MFC, Qt, etc.).

We have developed applications in native Mobile technologies (native iOS, Cross platform), 3D graphics, Data Exchange, Plugins on CAD platforms, complete CAD applications, 3D visualization application and many others. We have even worked with clients to bring their 3D applications on mobile devices and cloud.

We provide Technology Consulting to our clients based on our years of Experience in engineering domain. Over the years, we have dealt with numerous technologies and toolkits and help our clients understand which technology will be best suited for her application based on cost, efficiency, productivity, utilization, etc..

Quality Assurance Services

PTS as your extended QA team ensures the highest quality of your products. We understand it is your brand at stake when your product is delivered to the end user. It is your promise to the customer to deliver a quality product and PTS ensures that you not only keep up the promise but keep it in time.

When you have multiple products, numerous versions of the product and number of platforms to support, sheer management of test machines can be a nightmare. PTS offers to take away all your overheads of Quality management and at the same time minimize your expenses by optimizing the test matrix.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Experience: Our understanding of engineering software development and testing and decades of man years of experience with it.

Quality: Our team is like special ops team, reliable and effective. We deliver the same quality software as the local team without additional overhead.

Extended Team: We act like an extended team. We adopt the tools and practices of our partners/clients.

Scalability: Our services provide immense team scaling proposition and protect you from fluctuations in the requirement of technical resources due to seasonality in business.

End To End Solution: We work closely with you to provide end to end development & testing expertise and consulting on technology.

On-Time Delivery: On time delivery, quick time-to-market and cost effective.

Engagement model

Each business relation is unique and based upon the nature of the project. However, in principle, PTS services are available in one of the following ways:

Task Oriented Contract : Be it your idea, a complicated feature in your product or a long-standing problem; leave it to our experts to provide you with a solution. Quite often we will be able to provide you with a free time estimate for the proposed task. You will be able to monitor the progress while we complete the project.

Team Extension Contract : This consulting contract includes a dedicated team of our experts assigned to serve as your technical arm or as an extension to your existing in-house team. Our team will acquire skills in area of your need and adapt to your processes.You will have complete control over your dedicated team, and their work assignments.

Our Practises

Confidentiality :All the necessary measures are taken to preserve the client’s confidentiality and intellectual property, No central repository, Client’s data is deleted after project completion.

Reporting : Progress Report Daily, weekly update and call

Confidence :Money back Guarantee.

Team size:Varies from 1-10 depending on the work.

Project Management :Extensively trained developers regularly monitored by Team Lead and Project manager.

Efficiency : Short Learning Curve and quick adoption of Clients’ processes.

Low Overheads: no need of micromanagement and division of task by the client


Engineering Application Development Services

  • 3D Mobile viewer
  • 2D/3D Inspection Application
  • Custom CAD Plugins (Exporter/Importer)
  • 3D Graphics App Development
  • Customization of any Engineering Software
  • Web based engineering application
  • Data Import/Export application
  • Solid Modeler Programming
  • 3D Publishing (3DPDF
  • Customized Piping Design Software
  • BIM software Customization
  • PLM/PDM Software Customization
  • Custom Medical Imaging
  • CAE Post Processing Data Visualization
  • Point cloud visualization for 3D scanner/printer
  • Agricultural 3D Land forming application
  • 3D Model Comparison and Visualization
  • An Oil well Design application
  • Machining Software Development