Our success lies in the success of our clients. While it is difficult to attain success, we constantly look for everyday inspiration in our daily lives that drives us to perform towards our goals. Success is not just a destination. It is the sum total of all the hardships, inspiration and learning attained in course of achieving it.

We have tried to cover our success story by exhibiting few case studies.

A 3D web viewer and 3D mobile viewer

Our Client runs a Machine shop, launched a software company in the technical computing sector which provides a platform that enables 3D model viewing, translation, quoting and programming on cloud and on mobile devices. With this need in mind, our client approached ProtoTech Solutions to design a browser based platform to store past projects which could be retrieved by the sales and design teams while preparing quotes and process chart for new projects. The 3D Models would need to be viewed in a web browser as well as on mobile devices.
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A 3D PDF exporter for AutoCAD

Our Client, a software developer, is launching a series of 3D PDF exporters on different CAD platforms. The company is backed by CAD Industry Veterans. Working closely with the client, the team at ProtoTech developed a comprehensive specification document. Once the specifications were done, the team worked on the development and provided daily updates on the project progress. The client and the team both decided to use a proprietary SDK (software development kit) to develop the 3D PDF exporter for AutoCAD. The client provided all the licences and timely suggestions based on the updates.
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Design of Graphical ActiveX Control to render 3D Model on Web

Our client is a facility management group of a global Engineering company based in Europe. The team was required to design an ActiveX Control for rendering 3D application on Web and support interactive features w.r.t input from user.

ProtoTech team helped the client to replace aging application of Autodesk called WHIP and provided a stable advance application. With this application, the client could own the IP of the application and had full control on it.
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Flow Accelerated Corrosion Representation

Our client develops state-of-the-art drilling technology and completions that utilize a combination of laboratory investigation and engineering analysis ending in an optimized field implementation

The client required us to develop a Customized visualization with color code for depicting Corrosion Levels on Browser using Tech Soft 3D’s HOOPS 3D stream. The project was outsourced to another company before us but that company wasn’t able to achieve the required objective.
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iOS 3D viewer and CAD plugins Development

Sunglass.io was started by two bright MIT graduates with a vision of developing a web based 3D model sharing platform to enable real-time collaboration among different design teams operating from different geographical locations. Such a platform brings efficiency and productivity to the complete development process. Although they had a team to develop their core product, they trusted the capabilities of ProtoTech Solutions and approached us to develop a full-fledged iOS viewer for CAD models with real-time collaboration capabilities and to develop CAD plug-ins for SolidWorks, Inventor, Rhino, and Maya to work on Cloud. The team was required to make use of REST API to communicate with Cloud backend and to provide complete file management facility on desktop through plug-ins.
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A 3D Land forming Design software to address water logging on Agricultural fields

In most parts of Australia and US, farms are huge and their size ranges from 30 to 50 square hectares with varying topography. In such cases, it is impossible for the farmers to reshape and optimize the land form design of their farm manually. A research company from Australia developed the technology to do this task. They approached us to build a suitable land forming software.
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3D Model Comparison and Visualization

Today, several engineering design applications are available to design 3D models. Designers receive their design models and convert them in to compatible formats. This conversion may result in data loss and requires a data validation. With this idea in mind, our client approached ProtoTech Solutions to design an application with a functionality to compare 3D models - part by part and point cloud to part. An application with such functionalities can be useful in domains like inspection, manufacturing, aerospace etc. 3D Model comparison also helps to accurately compare multiple versions of parts and assemblies with their newer design versions.
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Interoperability Solutions by ProtoTech

Tech Soft 3D is the leading global provider of development tools that help software teams deliver successful 3D applications. Their Flagship Product is powerful 3D graphics engine called HOOPS. Our client’s engineering team was in the mid of a critical release. Coping with the various needs of the core product put enormous pressure on the team. So, ProtoTech’s team was asked to move in and quickly learn the new technology and deliver the product in time. Our team was given the challenge of designing and developing an Importer and Exporter for converting the Autodesk DWF format into HOOPS Graphics system. The client required full application support for both 2D and 3D DWF formats.
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A Software to generate G-Codes for metal spin forming machines

Our client is a leading supplier of special metal spinning machine equipments based in US. The client approached ProtoTech Solutions to design software which could generate G-Codes for CNC metal spin forming machines. Our team was required to implement complex mathematical algorithms that allow the user to create spline, arcs, and other sketching features. In order to develop and implement the product, our team had to learn machine specification and to enable G-Code generation.
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An Inventor to VRML exporter

Our client is a privately held configurator and a software company headquartered based in Illinois, US. Our client already had an Inventor for VRML exporter and it was developed by a different company. However, it was not maintained properly, so he approached us to develop an Inventor for VRML exporter.
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Verold Publisher Plug-in for Revit

The world of engineering is evolving rapidly and is delivering innovative solutions every day. Today, we have the freedom to design using different design software; however, designers also need the freedom to share their designs with anyone irrespective of the design platform used by their receivers to view or review the shared design. In this scenario, neutral CAD Exporter plug-ins facilitate the sharing of information across the globe regardless of design formats. The objective is to provide greater operational efficiency and freedom from having a specific CAD platform to view the shared models. With this specific need in mind, Verold, a leading interactive 3D platform, approached us to develop an exporter to provide its users, a greater freedom of sharing their designs on web from Revit using its platform.
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Quality Assurance for MMO Gaming app

Our Client is a Massive Multi player online gaming Application based in SFO, US. Users can develop games and publish them online and generated games can be played on multiple consoles and multiple platforms. The application has Millions of user base. Users can develop games and can publish them online. The generated games can be played on multiple consoles and multiple platforms. Our team is doing regression testing, smoke testing, feature testing, web testing, test case writing, optimization and reporting bugs in rally on different operating systems such as windows, windows tablet, Mac, iOS and Android, etc..
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Video Conferencing Integration for a web based Model sharing Platform

The client wished to integrate a video conferencing tool on their Browser based 3D model sharing platform. The team at Prototech evaluated SightCall and Toxbox WebRTC API platforms for video conferencing integration and finally integrated Sightcall after careful evaluation.
A UK based client, providing 3D model sharing and collaboration platform focusing on construction and Oil & Gas industry. Users can manage multiple projects, need no software and get unlimited cloud storage.
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3D Interactive Training Application using Unity3D

The client is a team of experts developing software applications to help Oil and gas industries to increase efficiency .
Today, every industry requires skilled manpower to complete their work requirements. In Oil and Gas industries, a smallest mistake from a worker can cause serious damage to their entire plant. Because of this before deploying workers on the actual plant, companies need to provide a specialized training to their workers. With this idea in mind, our client approached ProtoTech Solutions to design interactive training application for the workers who works in oil and gas industries.
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