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iOS : Dragging enabled custom UISplitViewController

One of the most used view controller in iOS development is the UISplitViewController. The UISplitViewController class is a container view controller that manages the presentation of two side-by-side view controllers. You can use this class to implement a parent-child or master-detail interface, in which the left-side view controller presents a list of items and the right-side presents… Read More

A Great GUI Facelift for your Application

Many engineering applications have been around for years and often been developed from using either MFC Appwizard or some sample MFC application. They are still very useful, but what holds them down is there antiquated look and feel. Further, many times the GUI code isn’t very abstracted and the whole idea of re-doing the GUI… Read More

Comparative Study of 10 Test Management Tools

Keeping a testing process efficient simple and manageable is one of the most important aspects of test management. In my experience, there are some obvious limitations of using a spreadsheet instead of a test management tool. For starters, spreadsheets don’t scale well at all. With spreadsheets, it becomes very confusing when there are multiple users… Read More