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CAD Data Interoperability Solutions

What is CAD Data Interoperability? Every CAD package stores information internally in a format that is best suited for that package. These proprietary formats can only be read by the specific program and are extremely difficult to use for other programs. For most modern engineering applications it is necessary to be able to transfer CAD… Read More

ProtoTech’s Product Updates- 2016

Time goes by fast. Year 2016 has given way to 2017. 2016 was a busy year for us. We released new products and added lot of exciting features to our existing products. Here are some of the highlights from it. # New product released:      3D Export SDK: It supports the export to following… Read More

Adding Custom GUI to Autodesk Inventor

This is an era of specialization which means there is a specialized software to design everything. There is a design software to only meant to design a screw and on the other hand there is one for rockets. Not all these specialized software are standalone software. Many design software companies leverage existing software platforms (viz.… Read More


Meaningful Work – Our work is not the run-of-the-mill IT desk job, but it is very technical and challenging. You will never feel that your education and engineering was a waste of time. Hands – On Learning – ProtoTech believes that hands-on experience is the best way for staff to develop professionally. To help encourage… Read More


After purchasing license for any Plugin you will receive Email which contains License Key. Please copy that License key and  follow the following steps for activation. Please ensure that you are connected to the internet… Steps to Activate the license: Open the “About Us” dialog box by clicking the “About” button from plugin panel.   Note:- This… Read More

iOS : Dragging enabled custom UISplitViewController

One of the most used view controller in iOS development is the UISplitViewController. The UISplitViewController class is a container view controller that manages the presentation of two side-by-side view controllers. You can use this class to implement a parent-child or master-detail interface, in which the left-side view controller presents a list of items and the right-side presents… Read More