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Founded in 1991, Microvellum Inc. is a world leader in AutoCAD and Blender-based design to manufacturing software for the woodworking industry. Microvellum provides a fully integrated design and CAD/CAM solution for designers, engineers, non-automated manufacturers and highly automated wood product design to manufacturing firms.


ProtoTech is a first rate development partner for anyone working in the area of 3D modeling and related technology. Their expertise in 3D visualization is top notch. ProtoTech is much more than a contractor, they are a trusted partner and advisor to our business. I strongly recommend ProtoTech and feel fortunate to be their partner”  says, Dave Peel, President- Microvellum, Inc.

Domain : CAD/CAM Solutions
Location: USA (HQ)
Technologies: VB.Net, Eyeshot
From Intention to Visualization
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2D Drafting  CAD Application

A lightweight 2D drafting application with API and command line interface. Provided command line utility to add entities in view port using commands like –

  • Drawing : Line, Poly line, Circle, Arc etc.
  • Editing : Move, Rotate, Copy, Explode, Offset, Extend, Trim, Join, Scale, Mirror, Fillet, Edit text etc.
  • Annotation : Linear Dimension, Aligned Dimension, Leader etc . Also supported snapping point, ortho mode, implied direction text box etc


  • Drawing and annotation Commands :

Fig A : (Entities Drawn using Line, Polyline, Circle, Arc, Rectangle, Text etc.) 

  • Editing Commands:

Fig B : (Entities Drawn using Drawing, Copy, TRIM,  MIRROR, MOVE, OFFSET etc) 

  • Layer Manager:

Fig  C : (Entities are drawn using different layer) 

CHALLENGES : Among number of challenges, some of them are as follows,

  1. Snapping points: Highlighting of center point of circle or arc on hovering mouse over entity
  2. Command line utility: Validating inputs provided by user and listing respective commands and instructions for next expected input like AutoCAD
  3. Implementing Ortho Mode

Solutions : Solutions for above mentioned challenges are as follows,

  1. Identified which entity we have under mouse cursor, if it’s a circle or arc then highlighted its center as snap point.
  2. Decided required number of inputs for a particular command then after getting valid inputs from user for first input, displayed next instruction accordingly.
  3. For ortho point, calculated smallest distance between current mouse cursor point and respective x or y intersection points.


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