About our Client
The client is a team of experts developing software applications to help Oil and gas industries to increase efficiency.
Domain : CAD/Cloud/BIM
Location: UK
About ProtoTech
A team of 3D visualization experts helping clients in developing custom engineering applications in areas of CAD/CAM/CAE for desktop/mobile/cloud with 11 years of experience

Business Challenge:
Today, every industry requires skilled manpower to complete their work requirements. In Oil and Gas industries, a smallest mistake from a worker can cause serious damage to their entire plant. Because of this before deploying workers on the actual plant, companies need to provide a specialized training to their workers. With this idea in mind, our client approached ProtoTech Solutions to design interactive training application for the workers who works in oil and gas industries.


ProtoTech Developer a training module with following features:

  1. Training and Simulations:
    • a 3D viewer in Unity3D was developed with several good features such as part treeview,
      transparency, isolation of specific part, animation, related videos, annotations,
    • Pan, zoom, rotate, etc..
      User can load a model of his choice
  2. Evaluation:
    • In this section, user can interactively assemble the components and every step is recorded for evaluation. At the end of the task, user is presented with his score.


  • ProtoTech team efficiently handled product development with evolving specifications.
  • With a steep learning curve in interpreting and integrating new technologies, the team completed the assigned work in time.
  • Satisfied client returned with another development project and continued the engagement
  • ProtoTech team suggested cost effective solution whenever possible.


  • We can add virtual reality support in simulation section of the application.
  • We can make evaluation section more interactive.
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