3D Cloud Development

The Three.JS Development library is a single JavaScript file. It can be included within a web page by linking to a local or remote copy. It helps you to develop complex 3D computer animations that display in a browser without a plugin. This is done using WebGL, and making it a part of website without the proprietary browser plugins. It includes features like effects, scenes, cameras, lights, sky, object3D, animations, materials, meshes, shaders etc.

Projects on Three.JS Development

Our experience with Three.JS Technology-

WebGL Viewer

For a US based client, Using 3D WebGL Programming we have developed WebGL exporter for CREO 2.0. The exported WebGL file from the exporter is consumed in this viewer. This is mainly based on three.js and provides various user-friendly methods to interact with exported model like common views (Isometric, Top, Bottom, Front, etc.), rendering modes (Shaded, Wireframe, etc…) & so on.

WebGL Plugins

Prototech has plugins which export data to WebGL format and are developed on Three.js WebGL library. We retrieve 3D model data from Autodesk’s software (AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit, Navisworks etc) in form of vertices, normals, texture coordinates, face indicis, material/texture information, camera information, light etc. and with these data we build a 3D WebGL model using Three.js to render it in web browser.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Benefits of Three.JS Development

  • Great for innovative and interactive web page development
  • Multiple advanced render controls such as Post-Processing, multi pass rendering, and deferred rendering.
  • Open Sources and extensions like THREEx

If you want to develop

  • 3D Model in Web Browser using webGL and three.js
  • 3D Web application using WebGL/HTML 5
  • 3D Game  using three.js technology
  • Model visualization and scene creation applications
  • VR Application using three.js

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