3D Cloud Development

The Forge Platform contains an expanding collection of web service components that can be used with Autodesk cloud-based products or your own technologies.

Autodesk announced Forge, a new cloud-based platform for developers of cloud-based applications related to design and manufacturing.

Forge features numerous application program interfaces (APIs) and software development kits (SDKs) that allow for a wide variety of applications, from viewing and presenting 3D models to transforming 2D images into 3D models.


For one of the US based client, we have done customization on Forge viewer. Here the model is loaded from A360 drive to Forge Viewer. We have changed the color and transparency of selected entities. Added new simpler custom controls to Forge Viewer so that loaded model can be controlled easily as per user requirements. Have handle camera movements – to move camera around the center of model, move camera around and in front of selected entity, move camera inside and outside of the loaded building model.

Cloud 3D CAD – Forge

The Forge api we have worked on

  • Authentication (OAuth)
  • Data Management API
  • Model Derivative API
  • Viewer

The Forge Viewer API we have worked on

  • Loading model to viewer
  • Node selection
  • Get selected nodes
  • Change color of nodes

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Benefits – Forge

  • Viewer: This tool displays 2D and 3D design files from over 50 file formats for Web and mobile presentation.
  • Design Automation API: With this tool, converting thousands of AutoCAD (DWG) files to PDF automatically, can be run in the cloud.
  • Model Derivative API: Files can be translated across formats, be made available for online viewing and/or have geometry data extracted for use in other apps.
  • Data Management API: Data can be managed across various Autodesk products.
  • Authentication: This tool offers a secure way for authenticating and authorizing users to access and work with developer apps.



ProtoTech Solutions is a Leading Forge Systems Integrator – Certifies Autodesk

“ProtoTech is a long time skilled and committed Autodesk system integration partner.  As an early adopter of Forge, ProtoTech is now a leader delivering Autodesk customers development services using Forge.  Naming ProtoTech an Autodesk Forge Systems Integrator was an easy decision.  They are a great partner delighting Autodesk customers with ground breaking web and mobile experiences delivering users insights into their design and engineering data – powered by Forge.” mentions – Jim QuanciSr Director, Autodesk Developer Network 


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