ProtoTech Solutions and Services Pvt. Ltd., a custom CAD/CAM/CAE software development company announces the release of their flagship product 3D PDF Exporter App for Onshape. This makes ProtoTech Solutions one of the few companies who have partnered with Onshape and have successfully released the app coinciding the introduction of Onshape App Store (private beta) itself.

The 3D PDF Exporter app allows Onshape user to export parts and assemblies to 3D PDF format (.pdf) which can be downloaded and shared with anyone. The outstanding feature of ProtoTech’s 3D PDF Exporter app is that it is fully integrated cloud app meaning that it runs inside Onshape environment giving users a seamless interface. Also, 3D PDF Exporter app runs on it’s own cloud and there is no desktop component involved. This integration style is arguably the best way to leverage Onshape framework.The billing model is ‘payperuse’ and hence very convenient and economical. For more details about our app, please visit our product page at Onshape-3DPDFExporter.


“We thank ProtoTech for being early adopters of Onshape platform. We are impressed by technical prowess of ProtoTech’s team. There was no turning back once they started off and are super responsive too” says Joe Dunne, Partner Manager, Onshape.

“Onshape is a game changer in CAD space. Their launch of App Store is next best step and reinforces their vision further. We are very happy that we are amongst the few companies who are making their app available on the launch date. This proves ProtoTech’s skills in building on cutting edge technologies and being a great technology partner”, says Rajesh Bhartiya, CEO of ProtoTech Solutions .

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About Onshape :

Onshape is the first fullcloud 3D CAD system which runs in a web browser and on any mobile device. With Onshape, you can instantly share Documents and simultaneously work with your peers. It streamlines data management with builtin version control.

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What is OnShape? Onshape is the first and only full-cloud 3D CAD system that lets everyone on the design team [...]