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Solid Edge is a 3D commercial computer-aided design (CAD), parametric feature and synchronous technology solid modeling software. It provides solid modeling, assembly modeling and 2D orthographic view functionality for mechanical designers. Solid Edge supports a number of APIs for customization and automation.

In addition to other classic feature, Solid Edge also has mechanical and electrical routing software, and powerful engineering simulation capabilities for CAE (Computer Aided Engineering).


OBJ Exporter for Solid Edge

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We have developed one plugin to export tessellated data of Solid Edge model as OBJ file. The OBJ file format is a simple data format that represents 3D geometry and material e.g. texture, color data, transparency, etc. There is an option to control the file size and quality by specifying the facet tolerance and precision value. It exports tessellated data using default tessellation settings same as used by Solid Edge.

Note: OBJ file could be viewed in any good OBJ Viewer. Here we have used “Mixed Reality Viewer by Microsoft”.



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  • Surfacing environment is easy to use
  • Big Assembly management

  • 2D Drafting is free software

  • Part Sheet Metal is the good and advanced module


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