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ARKit for iOS and ARCore for Android have become the leading frameworks for Augmented Reality. These frameworks have brought Augmented Reality closer to Physical reality than ever. Earlier with AR Frameworks, we were only able to detect device orientation i.e. 3 DOF (Degrees of Freedom), but with Image processing and machine learning, we are now able to track 6 DOF including the device movement which makes the core of these frameworks.



AR 3D catalog for Android and iOS

ARCore and ARKit


  • ProtoTech built a custom AR application for a California based firm
  • The application uses custom WebGL importers for Unity3D and Apple’s SceneKit to bring a 3D model into augmented reality with ARCore and ARKit.
  • The model once brought to AR can now be animated or exploded
  • Almost all the features from SceneKit can be used in ARKit which includes physics, animations, particle system and much more.




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Horizontal, Vertical as well as Slope (only in ARCore)
Imagine an augmented world over the real one, now using cloud anchors, many people can see the single object anchored to a position.
Yes, the good old image detection for augmented reality is also supported in these frameworks, where you can use them to illustrate more about a picture or create a portal to an AR World out of it.
Apart from images, one can now detect 3D objects with ARKit and then create an AR experience over the detected object
The lights in AR will directly change its intensity with respect to the environment lighting in the Physical world. Environment maps will be created at runtime with respect to the images detected by the camera through AR

ARKit and ARCore have their units in meters, these enable these frameworks to accurately measure the distance in the physical world




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