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Our client is a privately held configurator and a software company headquartered in Illinois, US.
Domain : CAD
Location: US
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“We have found ProtoTech to be an outstanding partner. The quality of their work, their responsiveness, and their commitment to delivering on time and on budget is second to none.”
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About us
What we do:
  • Mobile 2D/3D viewer
  • Mobile engineering application
  • Custom CAD Plug-ins
  • 3D graphics app development
  • Customization of any engineering software
  • Web based engineering application
  • Data import/export
  • 2D/3D inspection
  • Quality Assurance
  • Solid Modeler Programming
  • 3D Publishing
  • Customized Piping Software
  • BIM software customization
  • PLM software customization
  • CAM software development
  • CAE post processing data visualization

Business Challenge:

Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) is a 3D scene description language. All the aspects of virtual display, interaction, and working of the internet can be specified using VRML without depending on special equipment like Head Mounted Devices (HMD). Our client already had an Inventor for VRML exporter and it was developed by a different company. However, it was not maintained properly, so he approached us to develop an Inventor for VRML exporter with the following features:

  • Export the Inventor loaded model (part or entire assembly document) into VRML
  • Add support for textures and color.
  • VRML Exporter with option to retain user interactions.
  • ‘Save Copy As’ option for VRML Files (.wrl) dialog box with the option to choose
    the directory for storing the file in VRML Format.
  • Support for Read/ Write of values (specified by the user through dialog box) into

Client Interaction:

The team at ProtoTech Solutions delivered the product along with the IP in a short time and at a lower cost which is lesser than the cost of maintaining the existing product

Key Benefits:

  • The client was able to export very large models in VRML format.
  •  Our product helped the client’s team in analyzing the assemblies and part documents in VRML format
  • VRML Exporter tessellates the assembly file or part file loaded in the AutoDesk Inventor until the face level and exports the shape, geometry, texture, color attributes, and rendered styles into the VRML specific format. Using the VRML Viewer the user can view the exported VRML file (.wrl format).
  • The product was delivered with completion documentation.
  • The happy client returned for another product project

Shown below is the Flow Diagram to fetch the information from Inventor and write I it into VRML Format:

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