About our Client
Client produce shop windows, furnishing and displays for the retail environment. They use their know-how and different materials to engineer solutions that are on budget and functional to space with the aim of obtaining the best possible look. The company aim is to advance in technology and increase their business with Augmented Reality support to their customer for their products.
Domain : Apparels Industry
Headquartered: Italy

Augmented Application Development

Business Scenario :

By providing information from virtual world augmenting over the physical world’s object at runtime in the live feed is their way to approach the bigger market. This way the client can customize an application for every new user. For e.g., one client can have dynamic pricing depending upon the number of sales and this information is augmented on each article at runtime.

ProtoTech Value Contribution :

  • The team developed a small web application using three different technologies/API such as Google Cloud vision API, awe.js, and Catchoom.
  • Each technology has the same mechanism but works differently in terms of processing. While pointing user’s mobile web browser to specific URL, it opens a web page to access the camera. Mobile browser access the camera using getUserMedia function of HTML5.
  • It captures images from the live feed, sends it to the server for querying.
  • Server processes query image sends it back to the user, which get augmented over article such as logo, object etc.
  1. Google Cloud Vision API process image for Labels, well-defined logos, OCR, etc…
  2. Catchoom process query image for logo detection mainly
  3. Awe.js augments information over a specific detected logo
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