3D Mobile Visualization

//3D Mobile Visualization

Virtual Reality Application Development –the New Era in 3D Engineering.

August 29th, 2016|

Video games are addictive; recently an engaging game of search and acquire (Pokemon Go!) has been actually driving young and old into a frenzy. It [...]

Augmented Reality (AR): Pokemons are going! ‘Let’s Go’, Engineers!!

August 27th, 2016|

       I remember ‘Angry Birds’. It became a rage overnight. As I played it for the first time, my first expressions were ‘duh’. [...]

Unity3D: GAME ON!!!!

July 24th, 2013|

Unity (also called Unity3D) is a cross-platform game engine with a built-in IDE developed by Unity Technologies. It is used to develop video games for [...]

iOS : Dragging enabled custom UISplitViewController

March 28th, 2013|

One of the most used view controller in iOS development is the UISplitViewController. The UISplitViewController class is a container view controller that manages the presentation of [...]

How to embed a 3D HOOPS view in MFC Dialog based App?

March 9th, 2013|

In this blog article, I will show you a simple way to embed a HOOPS 3D Part viewer inside MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) dialog. HOOPS MFC [...]