How to use Onshape featurescript for UI Automation & custom shape generation?

May 8th, 2017|

What is Onshape Feature Script? Feature Script is a scripting language which allows automation in Onshape environment. It is introduced by Onshape for creating and [...]

Autocad Customization vs Revit Customization

April 17th, 2017|

Designers of computer-aided design would be aware of the popularity of Revit and AutoCAD. Both these softwares are owned by Autodesk and have been developed [...]

4 ways to build your own CAD application

April 6th, 2017|

We all know the benefits of CAD applications but if you are a specialist in engineering domain or allied areas like architecture, you may want [...]

Customizing Autodesk Inventor using API in C#

March 27th, 2017|

With an increase in the number of CAD applications, the number of CAD files specific to applications has increased a lot. Users are now interested [...]

Microsoft Test Manager as a test asset

March 20th, 2017|

Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) helps in testing an application which we built. An application without a test manager is like a ship without a lifeguard. [...]

CAD Data Interoperability Solutions

March 20th, 2017|

What is CAD Data Interoperability? Every CAD package stores information internally in a format that is best suited for that package. These proprietary formats can [...]

Create WebGL based native Android App in 5 simple steps

March 15th, 2017|

Using WebGL with Native Android: WebGL is a powerful and widely used JavaScript framework/API for 3D rendering and Android is the platform which has a [...]

Highlights of Speech by Rajesh Bhartiya, CEO on 10th anniversary of ProtoTech Solutions

February 15th, 2017|

ProtoTech Solutions celebrates its Tenth Anniversary, and wants to share this moment with all clients, employees and Partners. On 10th anniversary of ProtoTech Solutions, Rajesh [...]

6 different Platforms for 3D Shape Search

February 15th, 2017|

“Design, reuse or source?” is a standard dilemma being faced by all the engineering firms for a long time now. It’s not an easy decision, [...]

ProtoTech’s Product Updates – 2016

February 14th, 2017|

Time goes by fast. The year 2016 has given way to 2017. 2016 was a busy year for us. We released new products and added [...]

Technology Preview: Extract useful metrics from your 3D Scans

February 2nd, 2017|

3D scanners have come a long way from million dollar hi-fi device privileged to the scientific and military community to a retail sub-100 dollar device [...]

How to visualize and modify house design before it’s built?

January 31st, 2017|

What we do when we want to design/chose our home's furniture, color, tiles etc? Visit other's home, and if like the paint and furniture of [...]

Game Testing – A robust software testing

January 19th, 2017|

Game Testing – From the face of it, the job appears quite enjoyable. Playing games whole day and listing out all the bugs from all [...]

Testing approaches for manual or automated

January 17th, 2017|

"No matter how much you test, a single test can still break the entire software." Although testing is used to help developers build a stable [...]