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ProtoTech Solutions is a leading provider of 3D software technology solutions. 

We have various products (3D viewers, 3D data importers/exporters, 3D scan and measurements etc.). Our products are used by customers from over 80 countries in the world and by very reputed global technology and engineering multinational companies. 

ProtoTech Solutions and Services are experts in 3D visualization, data interoperability and application development. We provide consulting and custom software development. We are used as R&D software development house by world’s leading software companies from US, Japan, Europe and Australia. We have developed solutions for agricultural, medical, engineering design, civil, architecture, manufacturing and many other industries.

ProtoTech Solutions Pvt Ltd was founded in 2005 and have decades of staff years of software solutions development expertise. We are familiar with almost every software technology component in 3D domain (2D/3D visualization, data exchange, solid modeling, CAD/CAM/CAE, 3D printing etc.). Our 150+ software experts can help you quickly choose a technology and build a product and bring it to market. We are familiar with all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux etc.), mobile apps (iOS, Android etc.), Cloud technologies (AWS, GCP, Azure etc.). We are also partners with companies like Microsoft, Autodesk, Solidworks and many other engineering technology providers and can help you build bespoke solutions around their offerings.

So, if you have an idea and need to get to the market quickly, efficiently and affordably – connect with us.

Company Highlights

Our solutions make positive difference in people’s lives. We are a part of people’s lives to the extent that our solutions become dictionary words.
Enriching People’s Lives by Simplifying Technology.
We reach everybody and everybody can reach us easily. We always deliver values that surpass the expectations. We are a role model of an ideal self-managed company.
  • Founded on 15th September, 2005.
  • Integrates, Enhances and Maintains 2D/3D Engineering applications from 14 years.
  • Rajesh Bhartiya, Co-founder has 22+ years of experience in 3D graphics and Solid Modelling.
  • Team size of 100+ developers providing end-to end consulting and support.
  • An Independent, Debt-free, Values based Company.

Management Team

We have a strong reason to be confident about the quality of the software we write and the services we deliver. You will know it once you meet our team.

Rajesh Bhartiya
Rajesh BhartiyaFounder, CEO
Rajesh Bhartiya has been in the engineering software industry for over 15 years now. During this period he has developed numerous software applications in the field of CAD/CAM and engineering graphics. At IIT, Mumbai, where he completed his Masters in Aerospace, he developed an aircraft cockpit simulator, which fueled his interests in 3D modeling and graphics. After completing his M.Tech he worked as a 3D graphics and geometry programmer at Geometric Software Solutions Limited (GSSL) and with Parasolid development team in Cambridge, UK.

He went to the US in 2001 and joined Tech Soft 3D (TS3D). At TS3D, he not only developed new products, but was instrumental in setting up internal processes, which benefited the company’s engineering efficiency. Rajesh proved to be a very quick learner and filled many key roles ranging from core developer, new product designer, demo creator and on-site consultant to HOOPS users.

In 2005 Rajesh saw companies needing to develop advanced engineering applications but at the same time lacking the skills or resources to develop them quickly. With a vision to leverage his broad spectrum of engineering software skills to help such companies quickly find and adopt a solution he founded ProtoTech Solutions. Based in Pune, India, ProtoTech already has a rapidly growing team of engineers working on various new technologies.

He is now happily settled in Pune, India with his wife and two kids. Rajesh enjoys his time most when he is developing software. When he is not in front of his computer you will find him reading books, climbing mountains (he summited Mt. Kilimanjaro in Feb-2013) or riding his bicycle.

Shilpa Bhartiya
Shilpa Bhartiya Co-Founder, Director
Hailing from Nagpur in India, Shilpa, after completing her Bachelor’s in Computer Science, began her career in network systems. She later pursued higher education and completed her Masters from California State University, Hayward. Her career soon took off as a support engineer with Tech Soft 3D where she dealt directly with clients to help them get the most from their use of HOOPS. Her relocation to India, a few years later, resulted in the opportunity of being a Co-founder at ProtoTech Solutions.

With a big smile on her face that infuses enthusiasm in those around her, Shilpa handles Business Development, Products Marketing and administration at ProtoTech. When she isn’t working, she loves to spend time with her family, indulges in some cooking, keeps herself fit through running and explores the world as she travels.

Overview of ProtoTech Solutions

Life at ProtoTech