About our Client
Our client was a Facility Management group of a Global Engineering Company based in Europe.
Domain : CAD
Location: Europe
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Business Challenge:

Our team at ProtoTech Solutions was asked to design an ActiveX Control for rendering a 3D application on Web with support for interactive features and inputs from end users

Technologies Used:

  • ATL
  • COM
  • Visual studio C++
  • DWF tool kit

Application Architecture:

The client shared the logic as well as the specification with us. Our team developed the application and enabled communication between the web browser interface and core DLL using COM technology. The response was represented to the end user on browser.

Key Benefits:

Our team at ProtoTech helped the client to replace the old Autodesk application called WHIP with a stable and advanced application. The IP of the application was transferred to the client and it gave them full control on the developed application.

Screenshot of the Application

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