About Helix

As the first company to emerge from Google X, HELIXRE is leading the charge to bring ‘digital twinning’ to all. They’re improving the world, one building at a time. They create accurate digital equivalents of entire buildings at a fraction of the normal time and cost. 

Domain : CAD, Cloud, Microservices 
Location: U.S

Forge Converter, Scheduler Service

      1. To provide generic solution to convert one CAD model to other format (eg .rvt to .obj)

  1. To effectively manage and maintain different services and jobs on GCP (Google Cloud Platform)


  1. Wrote short running service (job) to run on cloud, this job effectively converts one CAD (Revit) model to other(OBJ), used Autodesk Forge APIs for conversion.
    One of the challenges was to download and upload huge file on Forge which results into JVM OOM exception. Implemented some algorithms to stream and also optimized the performance(RAM reduced from 8GB to 500MB)
  2. Contributed to scheduler service (service used to manage  schedule, delete and create jobs inside GKE) also communicate with other services and  jobs via PubSub messaging service).
                    A. One of the challenges was to reschedule the jobs which were terminated due to out of memory. So implemented logic to reschedule the jobs with optimal higher memory resource on failure to ensure successful completion of jobs
                    B. One other challenge was while deletion of jobs sometimes the configmaps doesn’t gets deleted. So implemented logic to delete orphaned configmaps ensuring the smooth running of GKE node

Language and SDK: Java Spring Boot, IntelliJ


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