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Onshape: 3D PDF, WebGL, OBJ Exporter

PROJECT: ProtoTech launched 3 exporters on Onshape platform namely, 3D PDF, WebGL & OBJ Exporters. Aim was to export Part Studios & Assemblies from an Onshape document into these formats. Also to show the expertise we have in Onshape platform.

3D PDF model exported from Onshape

CHALLENGE: Onshape did not have a consumable standard billing plan, executing it and controlling all network related issues remained a big challenge and at the same time inspiring, we additionally need to handle the network failure issue.

SOLUTION: We executed ACID properties and solely getting confirmation from the user’s browser that the file got successfully downloaded, we charge to the user. In case of any error, the whole transaction/operation is reverted safely to the last commit step, the priced amount is added back to the respective user’s Onshape account.

Technology: JSON , Bootstrap

Languages/Platform: ASP.Net, C#, .Net, HTML, JavaScript,  jQuery, CSS, Onshape, Windows Server 2012 R2

Testimonial from Onshape:
We thank ProtoTech for being early adopters of Onshape platform. We are impressed by technical prowess of ProtoTech’s team. There was no turning back once they started off and are super responsive toosays Joe Dunne, Partner Manager, Onshape.

Testimonial from ProtoTech Solutions:
Onshape is a game changer in CAD space. Their launch of App Store is next best step and reinforces their vision further. We are very happy that we are amongst the few companies who are making their app available on the launch date. This proves ProtoTech’s skills in building on cutting edge technologies and being a great technology partner”, says Rajesh Bhartiya, CEO of ProtoTech Solutions .


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