3D Measurement Software: ProtoTech has developed a unique technology to extract human body measurements e.g. height, waist size, leg length etc. from a 3D scan of any human body. The measurements are automatic and the interface is very simple. It has the in-built 3D interactive view to be able to visualize the scan and get measurements at any location.

Applications: Given the fact the 3D scanners are now available under USD 200 and are likely to be available standard on smartphones, the list of potential uses of this technology is really limited by our own imagination. Here are a few that can be considered as very obvious.

  1. Custom apparel design
  2. Apparel for special needs: body-hugging clothes, lingerie, sports apparel.
  3. Custom fitted prosthetics and sports equipment
  4. Design of furniture (chairs, seats, desks etc.) and equipment’s for office and home use.

This application is also available as Cloud Service (Web App and API), to know more about this Click Here

Available: Available in the form of an executable (.exe) on Windows platform

Trial version: Download full feature with free trial today.