3D CAD Data translation

3D CAD Plugins

At ProtoTech Solutions, we offer design, development and implementation of Add-ons on various CAD/CAE software Solutions. Such add-ons, based on Company’s requirement, increase the usability of the software as well as optimize designers’ efforts without leaving the design environment.

Over the years, we have developed expertise in this domain and are able to have our own range of products which is useful for the 3D world. These add-ons can be custom enhanced or modified based on company’s requirements. ProtoTech has CAD plugins supporting almost all desktop engineering applications. Our plugins are focused on data export into various formats (3D PDF, WebGL, OBJ, DWG, DXF etc.)

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3D Export SDK

Engineers use all kinds of tools for designing. The design process is complex and so are the design tools – they are complex and costly too.
This becomes a key obstacle when it comes to sharing the design. Need to share the design tool to share the design itself just doesn’t work.
Most of the modern tools solve this problem by allowing their users to export the design for publishing and sharing.
The most common publishing formats that are popular for 3D data are
3D PDF (.pdf), WebGL (.html), OBJ (.obj).

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iosandroid 1

iOS/Android App

In order to demonstrate our skills in iOS and Android, our engineers have developed few utility apps on both the platforms. All the apps are available on our website as well as apple appstore and Google playstore.

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1200 px X 1200 px 2

3D Measure Up

ProtoTech has developed a unique technology to extract human body measurements e.g. height, waist size, leg length etc. from a 3D scan of any human body. The measurements are automatic and the interface is very simple. It has the in-built 3D interactive view to be able to visualize the scan and get measurements at any location.

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