About Wearlynx

The Wearlynx software platform provides a cross-hardware solution encompassing all wearable smart devices, both iOS and Android, including Apple Watch, Android Wear, and Pebble Smartwatch.


ProtoTech’s team is very productive and responsive. Solid execution with a good balance of proactive problem-solving and smart, timely questions. We are happy to work with ProtoTech and would highly recommend them.
Sarah W. Stocker, Co-Founder, Wearlynx, Inc.

Location:California, USA.

Skylynx – An Android App


Skylynx is Wearlynx’s flagship product which connects ski users. ProtoTech helped develop their Android (phone and watch) version.


  1. With the onset of an important World meet at a Ski Resort, Wearlynx needed a qualified resources to quickly match up with their in-house iOS development.
  2. Support was required for ‘wear’ devices and ‘beacons’ which meant code had to be optimal for right power usage.


ProtoTech quickly understood the requirements and delivered the project in a few weeks.

Technologies: Android 4.1 onwards, Android Wear 1.0+, AltBeacon Library, Java, HTML/Javascript


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