About our Client
Our client is one of the world’s leading solution providers for agricultural earthworks.
Domain : CAD / Agriculture
Location: Australia

Business Challenge:
In most parts of Australia and US, farms are huge and their size ranges from 30 to 50 square hectares with varying topography. In such cases, it is impossible for the farmers to reshape and optimize the land form design of their farm manually. A research company from Australia developed the technology to do this task. They approached us to build a suitable land forming software.

Our team developed an application which provides the user an optimum land-form design to meet water management goals with minimum earth moving tasks. Our tool uses GPS devices to take a snapshot of the existing topography as input in the form of 3D point cloud, creates the topography using these point clouds, asks for user input data on water management and provides an optimum land form design as output. This new design can be shared with the users through cloud. With our application, the farmer does not have to wait two or three years for the topsoil to recover and reap the benefits of land grading. Within an year all the water drains out and minimal earthwork is enough for topsoil management.

Key Benefits:

  • Since the development was taken care by ProtoTech team, the client shifted their focus on marketing and business development of the product.
  • Our team shared daily updates with the client.
  • Our team at ProtoTech held weekly meetings to plan upcoming development tasks.
  • Our team made weekly releases to help the client to easily review the deliverable at their end.
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