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About Helix

HELIX is increasing value in the built world by creating the foundation for collecting and understanding data quickly, easily and affordably–not just for hundreds of buildings but for all the buildings at a fraction of the normal time and cost.

Domain: BIM, CAD, Cloud, Microservices

Location: Global


  • To query, access, and view the 3D BIM model from various data sources (Revit, IFC, etc.) quickly and faster.
  • Create an intelligent BIM model from 3D photogrammetry data (point clouds).
  • Extract the point cloud data (points, colors, intensity and normals) to Autodesk proprietary format.


  • To solve the challenge, we designed a smart intermediary data structure which store the large data in chunks. This helped in the easy and fast retrieval of large data with accuracy maintained each time.
  • We reverse-engineered the scan data to recognize objects such as walls, doors, etc. using machine learning (ML) algorithms and create intelligent BIM objects.
  • We extracted properties such as point-position, color, intensity, normals etc. from multiple data sources and formats and converted it into a single Autodesk proprietary format. This helped in overall processing efficiency.

Language and SDK

C++, C#, Python, HOOPS Exchange, Teigha BIM, Forge Design Automation for Revit, PDAL, Autodesk Recap

What can we do with BIM?

  • BIM App and Addins Development
  • BIM Concept Application
  • BIM App development
  • Design Automation API for REVIT 
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